Friday, September 26, 2008

baltimore comic con 08

(from left to right)
hulk, invisible woman, gambit, nova

so it's baltimore con this weekend. oddly enough, i'm not as excited as i would like to be. but i think that's just due to all the other crap i'm dealing with right now. still, i find that being at the convention brings back the fervor to do these things so it'll be good to get back to that environment and remind myself why i draw for a living! =P
october is quite the busy month for me. first of all, my birthday's the first of the month but so is my nephew's. then i've got my Godson, my Goddaughter, and my niece's birthdays all in this month too! not to mention my bro-in-law whom we live with. so its gonna be fun times. lots of kids' presents to buy. then we've got one more comic convention in Ohio in the middle of the month and an expo to set up at for Big Heads Little Bodies caricatures.

so these are the new Artist Proof Sketch Cards that i've done for a couple folks. i just finished one that's not in this set yet and working on another one. BUT i plan on bringing blank ones to the con with me this weekend to do commissions on them. i just got the new set from the 3rd series that i recently finished so i've got 14 cards to sell now. woohoo!!!

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