Wednesday, January 2, 2013


[so this year i've decided that my post titles will be one word that describes my mood that day. i guess after a while i'm gonna have to be more clever than "tired" or "sleepy" cuz i don't think i can have two posts with the same title. =P]

Fionna & Cake #1 sketch/layout
Adventure Time w/ Fionna & Cake #1 lines
Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake #1 Exclusive Cover by ME! (colors by Katherine Heller)

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! 2013 is here and most of the world survived like 3 apocalypses last year! the actual first day of the year i spent with my nose to the paper finishing up the inks for Fanboys Vs Zombies issue #11. so today is my actual first day of the year. i'm really hoping that 2013 is going to be HUGE with more possibilities and better opportunities, both professionally and at home. i've been so fortunate to have fans of my work and people that are actually excited to see me and my studiomates at cons this past year. i will be working to get even MORE people to pay attention to my work.
with that said, did u know i did an exclusive cover?? cuz i TOTALLY did! BOOM! Studios, the guys that bring you "Fanboys Vs Zombies" and "Adventure Time" comics, has just come out with a new comic series "Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake". i was asked to do an exclusive cover by the super cool guy (Ben) that runs Awesome Cons here in MD for Issue #1. i did the line art and the colors were done by the very talented Kassandra Heller. i had a ridiculous amount of fun drawing this. i even had to do research by watching some Adventure Time. gotta tell ya, BEST research i've ever done. ever. i didn't wanna stray TOO far from the art style so when i mashed it with mine, it ended up lookin anime-ish IMO.
Ben suggested i use a Kill Bill poster to inspire the piece so this is what i came up with. the black bar (which u can see in the inks) was in the Kill Bill poster but i sent the editor one without the bar as well, in case they felt it was better without it. i left space up top because i thought the logo was going to be up there but they ended up putting all that info on the back instead. (book is written & illustrated by Natasha Allegri.)


Jac V. said...

I totally want one!! It's so cute!!

You can always name them "tired.2" et ceterea. And then see how may tired days you have by the end of the year!! I would have 365!

Peng-Peng said...

that's actually a really good idea. i may end up doing that. =P