Wednesday, May 15, 2013


[listening to "bittersweet" by ellie goulding]

we're trying to get ready to head out (yes, again) to Detroit, MI (or someplace near it anyways) for the Motor City Comic Con this weekend! we will be guests at the show and we will be set up in their artist alley signing books, selling prints and whatnot. i only have about 5-6 mini artbooks left so if you're thinking about getting one, please do and please get it early least i run out. =) theFranchize even did a Motor City Con Exclusive Cover for the latest issue of Fanboys Vs Zombies #14 so if you're going to be there, don't forget to pick one up and have us all sign them! i hear there's only 500 printed.
i still sometimes find myself beside myself (is that how u say it?) when i think about all the different places within the country that i've been to. i know i never imagined i would be traveling so much when i was a kid thinking about what i'd be when i grew up. (which, btw, i never had an answer for that questions as a kid. i had NO clue what i wanted to be so i threw out random stuff like teacher and doctor. HA!) i didn't think i'd ever go to Michigan, mostly cuz i don't know anyone up there.

i don't really have any new pieces to show since we've really been busy with cons and FVZ pages. i do have these sketchcards i did about a month ago for 5Finity Productions' Female Persuasion 3 set. i haven't been able to do as many sketchcards as i used to with my current schedule so i only did these 3. the theme was just pinup ladies. i decided to keep a color theme with these because i liked the contrast of the pink with the minty green.

here's some recent doodles in my sketchbook. enjoy! i usually use my red pencil to sketch stuff, then my Iris Blue (or sometimes my Deep Rose) Derwent colored pencil to go over the loose red sketch. the middle picture is me trying the combination of a 2B graphite with gray copics. i think i like it!

SEE U IN DETROIT! (or someplace near it anyways.)


Jac V. said...

OMG!! Is the last one a selfie?! I love it!! You should develop that into your new avatar or something...

P.S. I LOOOOOOVED all the stuff you sent me!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I OWE you something... I will add you to my art-pay-it forward! :)

I think I need a super size print of that octo-lady!

Peng-Peng said...

yep, that is indeed a "selfie". =) glad u liked all the goodies!!! u can't eat any of it, but u can look at em! =P