Tuesday, May 21, 2013


[listening to "blue ocean floor" by justin timberlake]

i am feeling sufficiently whelmed, if i can say that. i have some new developments that more or less just popped up this weekend. firstly, i think i may have an art rep. which is crazy cuz i didn't know that i would ever get one of those. but if that gets solidified, i'll bring u more details. got some possible cover work coming up and i am trying to pitch a couple of cover ideas for "Adventure Time" so we'll see what happens with that. i have some commissions i need to catch up on and some people i need to email. it's lots of stuff. but oddly enough, i don't feel overwhelmed. definitely not underwhelmed. hence, my post title.

we just got back from Motor City Comic Con and it was quite a blast. so as i try to gather those pics together, i am sharing these two little doodles that i did a few weeks ago. just thought i'd try turning Adventure Time characters into Sugar Rush-like characters. i definitely wanna color it at some point, just haven't had a chance yet. but whenever i do, i will definitely post it here!

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