Wednesday, May 8, 2013


[listening to "gimme more" by britney spears]

as i struggle to find something to inspire me, i figured i'd share with u my latest commission in someone's sketchbook of Lady Mechanika. i used my brown copic pens (cuz i love those) and generally wanted to give the whole illustration a brown tinge as a whole to kinda go with that steampunk look. it's really too bad that they haven't made any moves on this story in like, i dunno, 2 years or something. cuz it seems to have had a considerable following. but ah well.
of course these are scans so the colors are a bit fuddled with. but i tried to get it somewhat close to what it actually looks like in person. sometimes i get really sad when i have to color something traditionally cuz though i'm comfortable with copic markers, i'm not a pro. and i feel like a lot of the effort i put into the lineart gets lost in the colors. (which is probably my shortcoming from not knowing how to use copics markers all that well.) still, it turned out pretty well despite that.

also, here are some Adventure Time fun things. used these images for cards that i've been taking around to cons. if u see us at comic cons, u'll know what i'm talkin about. the other guys in the studio did other characters.

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