Wednesday, September 25, 2013

hungry again

[listening to "the antidote" by st. vincent]

La Luna inspired piece for NYCC charity auction

i said i'd show more art, so i'm showing more art today! =D this is the piece i did for the New York Comic Con art auction. i was watching my Pixar Shorts bluray the other night and La Luna is one of my favorite ones. so much to love about it. and since i'm crazy about the moon - even crazier about stars - i really wanted to do a piece inspired by it. this is mixed media with watercolors, inks, colored pencils, and copic markers.
i've been trying to figure out how to use watercolors and so far i have really mixed feelings about it. it's really a bummer that i never got a chance to learn how to use watercolors, or any paint really, from any of my classes in college. when i think about that stuff, i get kinda Hulk-angry about money not-so-well-spent on my college classes. (fyi - if ur looking for someone to speak to kids about the importance of going to college, don't ask me. i'm that person that'll tell em the opposite based on my experiences.) BUT I DIGRESS. i hope this will attract some buyers. i wish i was there for some of these auctions so i know if i should continue drawing stuff like this or go back to drawin sexy ladies. i just have a weird thing about drawing sexy ladies for a charity for kids. =/ call me crazy.


also, MORE ART! these are commissions i did from this past weekend at Hero Bot Con! haven't been treated so well by con organizers like this in a while. such an amazing bunch. they even had a panel for us about us and it was really kinda neat to see all the people in there interested in how we work as a studio and whatnot.
then this guy gave me a brand new unopened Unicorno as a gift!! he figured i liked em cuz of my hat. he was right. LOVE these things!!! one day i'll have a fleet of these just invading my workspace. best part about that - they don't leave horsepiles! my little desk minis family is growing. =)

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