Wednesday, September 4, 2013


[listening to "water runs dry" by boyz ii men]

so this weekend starts the craziness that is the last half of our comic cons for the year. with a show every weekend this month, i will do what i can to update this page each week. but i can't promise anything cuz i am but one person with only 24 hours in a day. i'll do my best to post pics and updates of our con-anigans (con shenanigans - see what i did there?) and any other art that i'm allowed to post in the meantime so keep an eye out for fun things!
to kick things off on the right foot, here's a sneak peek of a Catwoman piece that i finished just in time for this weekend's Baltimore Con! i'll post the full image after the con. why? i dunno, i just thought that'd be a good idea. =/

speaking of Baltimore Con - BALTIMORE CON is this weekend! it's the first con to kick off the Con-nado! (con tornado - i got lots of these!) all 4 members of ID Comics Studios will be there - me, theFranchize, Flash, and even Domo! we're on their guest list and will be in the Artist Alley tables A85-A86. we'll have tons of prints, a couple of NEW prints available, Fanboys Vs Zombies comics/graphics, Adventure Time sketchcovers, and more artbooks! of course we'll be drawing commissions both days at the show. and while ur there on Saturday, wish my hubby theFranchize luck on winning his Harvey nom!

lastly, i thought i'd share a couple of pics from the past WV Pop Con from 2 weeks ago. these are a couple of commissions that i did at the show. this year only theFranchize and i were able to attend the show but we still had a great time. had some good beer, made some new friends, and even had Ron Frenz (Marvel comics) buy a couple of Superman prints from us. pretty durned cool. if you want to see all the pics from our trip out there, just head over to the IDENTITY COMICS STUDIOS Facebook page (and make sure you LIKE the page). =)

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