Friday, August 28, 2015

exploratory sketches

[listening to "addiction" by ryan leslie ft. cassie & fabolous]

just wanted to share stuff that's currently on my art table. since these sketches are all for personal projects, i can actually post them without any worries that i'm breaking some rule or something. i'm trying to work on character designs for my portfolio so i can have something to put together for CTN in November. i can't believe that last year was my 1st time ever going to that show and this year we might have a table already! it's cray!!!

so these are some exploratory sketches for some personal characters. i really wanna draw more stuff with the Sea Nymph creature & her octopus. i drew the 1st one back in 2013 but i never revisted her again. now seems like the perfect time.
the wolf dude is a little something for my own take on Little Red Riding Hood. it always looks better in my head. i'm working through it tho.

my daily: study - sketch - study - sketch - study

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