Tuesday, August 4, 2015

color block

[listening to "foe tha love of $" by bone thugs-n-harmony]

"Kiss the Girl" lines
"Kiss the Girl" color blocks
"Kiss the Girl" commission
i got a chance to draw some Little Mermaid for someone and that just makes me oh so happy! i was commissioned to draw the Kiss the Girl scene to give as a wedding gift. needless to say, i gladly said heck yeah! it turned out pretty good to me so, with permission, i think i might turn it into a print to bring with me to cons and stuff!

i drew it all the way out in graphite, which i won't really do these days with the way i color now. but i wanted to have some original lineart for the piece, so that's what i did. i would've left it at the red pencil stage and let the colors just do the work. oddly enough, i really like how Sebastian turned out. i've been trying to put something "close to camera" but i think he's the first that came out the way i wanted him to.

i also did something new for this one that i haven't really done before. that is, i did a rough color block over the whole thing. i really just wanted to make sure all the colors are what i wanted them to cuz with something like this, sometimes i forget that i want a piece of the BG to be a certain color and then i totally forget. but most importantly, because there's LOTS of blue in this (ariel's clothes, the water, the sky, the seaweed, the fish) i needed to make sure they don't become one big blue blob with a bright yellow Flounder on the left. hopefully, folks will like it at cons. fingers crossed! (of course, the "Congratulations" part won't be on the prints, silly!)

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