Saturday, April 2, 2016


[listening to "bang bang bang" by bigbang]

thought i'd post up some feel-good stuff today before i get into work and stuff. like this quick cool-down digital doodle of the Supergirl/Flash crossover from this week. that was a great episode and i love how these two characters just became instant besties. from my usual experience with comics, when 2 supers unexpectedly meet, they fight first and ask questions later. this one however, they're like "wait ur super too? high-five!"
been tryin to work on sketching directly on the computer but it's still a weird experience for me. so this one i still doodled on paper then finished it up in photoshop. coloring this loose has become a bit easier though since i started. weirdly enough, i don't zoom in as much anymore. didn't think that'd ever happen. =)

this one, however, i did totally digital - from sketch to colors. if u didn't already know, i LOVED zootopia. such a smart movie with the cutest darned character designs and the most amazing environments i've ever seen in an animated feature. like ever. so since it was Easter and everyone's out there hunting eggs, i thought i'd quickly doodle up Judy Hopps with a basket of easter eggs. i bet it's a huge time of the year at Bunnyburrow. folks probably travel all the way there from all over Zootopia to do some huge egghunt. but Officer Hopps probably has to explain to her fellow officers in the big city that they bunnies don't LAY the eggs, they just hide em.

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