Tuesday, April 19, 2016


[listening to "caribbean queen" by billy ocean]

recently drew this Labyrinth commission, as a sweet tribute by my friend to the late David Bowie. she, like most 80s babies, love the movie and his passing this year created so much art tributes to the legend. unlike most folks, i actually never saw the entire Labyrinth movie before this commission request and i didn't have the attachment to David Bowie that others did. still, i can appreciate a legend that has left such an impression on the whole world.
i had to watch the whole movie as research, which is one of the perks of being an artist. it was...weird. but boy that puffy white dress Sarah wore was so puffy! i may have to draw it someday tho. and now i know what it is when i see people draw it!
anyways, this was drawn traditionally then colored in Photoshop.

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Anna Schafer said...

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