Thursday, December 22, 2016

holiday card

[listening to "caroling caroling" by nat king cole)

just wanted to wish you and yours a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! i'll be spending some much-needed quality time with my family and i suggest you do the same.

every year the hubby and i take turns drawing our Christmas card and this was my year. so i went with the Gaylord Family Tsum Tsum collection! HAHA! i knew my pups would make for flippin adorable tsums but now that it's been realized i'm sad that it doesn't actually exist. 

in case u were interested, here's a little insight as to why Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! i'm Filipino and Christmas celebrations in the Philippines are a totally different beast than anywhere i know of. just how different? simply put, we start celebrating in September. yeah, it's that serious. since my family immigrated here, we've learned to celebrate American "holidays" like Halloween and Thanksgiving instead of Christmas for like 3 months. but best believe, as soon as Thanksgiving is over it is absolutely time for the Christmas tree & decorations to go up. (it was also a big shock and adjustment to learn that not everyone celebrated Christmas here.)
for us it's not about commercialism (altho, of course, presents are certainly involved). but as a nation of mostly Catholics, it's definitely about the religion. i don't get all swept up in buying the hottest toys for my nieces & nephews or getting the most expensive gadget or whatever for my husband. it's the spirit of Christmas, the goodness & generosity & hopefulness, that i love the most. if you don't celebrate or believe in Christmas, that's ok. but i think we can all agree that sometimes we need a reminder to be good to one another, no religious implications needed. it's easy to get lost in the negativity of the world. so if there can be a National day to celebrate the contributions of dead Presidents or a day to remind ourselves of the labor movements, then we could use a National day to remember to be kind to your fellow man regardless of race or religious beliefs. so, in that spirit, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!

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johnson said...

Filipino and Christmas celebrations in the Philippines are unlike anything I've ever experienced. How dissimilar are they? Simply put, we begin to celebrate in September. That serious, really. Since my family moved here, we've learnt to celebrate American "holidays" such as Halloween and Thanksgiving instead of Christmas for around three months. But, believe me, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it's time to put up the Christmas tree and decorations.It's not about commercialism for us, but as a predominantly Catholic country, it's clearly about religion. I don't get caught up in buying the newest toys for my nieces and nephews or the most expensive device for my hubby.Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Keep up the good work.
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