Wednesday, December 21, 2016

holiday commissions

[listening to "the little drummer boy" by harry simeone chorale]

here are some recent holiday commissions i finished, just in time for the clients to have them for Christmas! i didn't do a holiday sketch sale this year like i've done before simply because i didn't really have the time to do a big batch before the holidays. i love being this busy with work but it leaves very little room for fun things. i've only had time to do a couple of commissions.

the first one is of these awesome ladies at New York Comic Con. it's actually a commission from NYCC that i still owed but luckily i have the most patient fans. they were dressed up as human Sailor Moon kitties. this was done completely digital from sketch all the way to finish.

the second is a half-body commission of Daenerys in this blue dress, as requested by the client. this one was done with mostly watercolors and some colored pencils. i've been forcing myself to use paint so i can make some cool original art. digital is still my #1 medium, followed by copic markers, but i've always wanted to learn how to paint, i just never did. the more i do, the more comfortable i get with it. one day....

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