Thursday, December 8, 2016

new things

[listening to "what christmas means to me" by stevie wonder]


i've added a handful of new things to my Etsy today, like my latest Jack and Sally Sugar Skulls print and Ice Queen mini print. and for the first time ever, i've managed to make my latest mini artbook DAYDREAMS BOOK 3 available on Etsy. this is the book that i will bring with me to comic cons in 2017 but it was debuted at CTN Expo in Burbank just before Thanksgiving. i have a small handful left from the expo so i've put it up on Etsy.
you can now order it online and each one sold will include a small quick headsketch on the back of the book. it has character design sketches and exploratory sketches inside - 24 interior pages all in color.

also, since it's the holidays, and i love Christmas, all order in December will include a gift of this mini print of my Frozen Kids! please head on over to my Etsy and give the gift of art this year!

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