Saturday, December 3, 2016

favorite time

[listening to "merry christmas, happy holidays" by nsync]

hey, i owe u a huge apology for the neglect. i'm not sure if i even experienced November cuz it kinda went in a blur. i do know i went to CTN Expo and Disney California Adventure. that much is certain. but the rest of November i either can't remember or prefer to forget. and now, it's officially Christmas time for me. my absolute favorite time of the year. no more comic conventions for the rest of the year, i can sit and do work and actually finish things.

so CTN Expo was great as always. i came home with quite a few books to keep me inspired for another 12 months until next year, then i'm gonna need a re-up. i had these two new mini prints with me (images above) and will be bringing them to comic cons next year. it'll be interesting to see how many folks will pick these up at comic cons since they're not fan art. whenever it does happen, it makes me feel all warm inside to know that they appreciate the art more than the popular character.

i also made a brand new mini artbook, all new stuff that haven't been in any of the other books. lots of pre-lim sketches and even a little process shot of one of my pinups for the kickstarter we recently ran. i'll be bringing Daydreams Book 3 with me next year to comic cons as well.

thank u for sticking with me so far! i heart u all.

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