Saturday, February 14, 2009

lovey-dovey day

so for lovey-dovey day, i didn't draw anything. HA! bet u weren't expectin that one! =P
instead i got my hubby a heart-shaped pizza. needless to say, he loved it. heehee still, i got a sketch to post. this is what i drew for our new weekly drawlin jam at identity comics. the past week was g.i. joe characters. i didn't wanna just draw what i normally drew. i think i'm gonna try some new stuff for these jams to try to help me break the monotony that is my art as of late. though i'm not deviating by much. as with lots of people, i'm not that open to change. o.O so, instead of just drawing the baroness sexy like i usually do, i gave her a phone. mix it up! go out on a limb! kekeke i gave it to her so it could give her a sense of purpose as she stands in the empty piece of paper. then, i thought, why stop there? so i gave her some dialogue. stupid dialogue, but dialogue nonetheless, to further her purpose. that way, we know the answer to the question "what's she doin with celly?" BUT WHY STOP THERE! i drew a fanboy in the back real quick-like just to give her some substance. and to top it off, i gave him a shirt with one of my favorite "chuck norris kicks ass cuz..." quotes with a fake Cobra Kai logo on it. ("y cobra kai?" u ask. i read he was up for the part of Sensei Kreese but rejected it cuz he felt it portrayed the art of karate in a negative light and he was not going to be a part of it. now this may be all lies, but even so, that pretty much kicks evil's ass in a passive/peaceful sort of way.)
at any rate, i posted this piece on my deviant page sans the fanboy and the dialogue. didn't want it to take away from the primary purpose of the piece (which was the gi joe jam, if i lost u along this really long blog for a simple sketch). so i hope we're all spreadin a little more love today than we normally do whether it's with buying our hunnybunnies somethin nice (like a heart-shaped pizza) or doin ur good deed for the day. but i do ask all the single ladies (and dudes), don't spread hate. cuz then u'd be a hater. and that's not a good look. ^___^

(u know the rest.) ;)


Jac V. said...

yay heart shaped pizzas!!

i think your fanboy looks too normal... needs some acne or stink marks emanating from his body...and more messy/greasy hair... LOL!!

Anonymous said...

where do u get heart shaped pizzas?