Thursday, February 19, 2009

video games r horrible distractions

i've gotta say, between halo 3 and CoD:World at War my free time to draw has been very very limited. but now that street fighter 4 is here, there's even less time to draw (if that's possible!). luckily, we're supposed to have these art jams so i can at least have something i'm supposed to draw on a weekly basis.
not to mention i've got a couple of commissions i need to get crackin on. haven't had any in a little while cuz of the kennel takin up all my time but it's on again like donkey kong.

at any rate, here's my Copper Kid sketch for this week's art jam of the Silverhawks! if u don't know what that is, don't worry cuz i didn't either. look it up if u like, it's an old 80s cartoon. if u do know it, then i hope i did the Copper Kid some little amount of justice. ;P enjoy!

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