Tuesday, February 10, 2009

new year yet no new art

how sad am i. it's a brand new year and here i am still with a blog posted back in EARLY december. needless to say, i've been busy. started workin at the kennel full-time last month so its really zapped a lot of my energy out. i'm there so many days out of the week that its tough to find the gusto to do much else. guess i ain't no spring chicken anymore. darned looming 30s in the horizon!!

aside from working full-time again, i'm drawing here and there but nothing substancial. nothing to write home to mom about, i suppose. still, i'll post. the little crap that i've done, i'll post anyway. so forgive me for the possibly unstimulating artwork that could pop up every now and then. i just gotta get a hold of this work schedule. with that said, this is an image i fiddled with. not really doin nothin with it as far as ID merchandise. it's actually a panel that i drew for one our long-time client's custom comic that we're working on. the woman in the actual comic is some lady and she's blonde with slightly shorter hair. so i just cut it out and turned her into wonder woman (or some lady that was dressed as wonder woman anyway).

i need to draw more. i feel rusty. where's that darned oil can?!?

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