Thursday, February 12, 2009

new identity comics website!

well, i spent the better part of yesterday (that i wasn't at the kennel) working on identity's website. so since i have nothing to show as far as artwork on my art table, i'll just point to the website's direction. it counts, right?! ........ right??? eh, it's all i've got.
so go!

take a quick look-see! none of the buttons work just yet cuz quite frankly i haven't made those pages yet. but they will dammit!
and just as a quick disclaimer, i have no idea how to make websites professionally. so if ur wondering "where's all the flair in ur website, peng?" i'm sorry, it's got a very limited amount of flair. i was using Yahoo's "SiteBuilder" program since its hosted through yahoo and its got very very basic options. it's like the difference between workin on Photoshop and workin on Microsoft Paint. but its better than the nothing that was on there previously. gotta start somewhere, right?

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