Wednesday, April 10, 2013


[listening to "don't dream it's over" by crowded house]

my commission sale is still going on! get the info - HALF-PRICE COMMISSION SALE

i'm just generally agitated, not at any one person in particular. maybe it's the caffeine. maybe it's everyday tasks. maybe it's cuz i need to do some shopping therapy but have no money to do so. whatever it is, i feel bad for my hubby that has to be around me today.

i realize i didn't update my 2013 CON LIST (on the right side) with this Saturday's event in Annapolis, MD. so, problem remedied. me, theFranchize, and Flash will be set up at the Annapolis Book Festival on this Saturday, April 13th, in their Artist Alley. great way to reach out to kids. so if ur in the area, come on by and bring the kids. i do believe it's free.

as for me, i've been trying to get stuff together for these upcoming cons that seem to be back to back, starting with Awesome Con DC happening next weekend. we were originally going to try and have our large artbooks for these shows but scheduling wasn't going to let that happen. so, instead, we're having our mini artbooks this time! (the image above is the cover for it.) i should have mine for Awesome Con DC, unless something terrible happens. =P other than that, i've been super busy with Fanboys Vs Zombies pages. never a dull moment.


Jac V. said...

MMMmmmmkay, I don't see any cons listed in GA or FL... what up with that?

Peng-Peng said...

it's tough mang! we're trying to do the one in Atlanta but its tough to hear anything back from em. still workin on it tho. =)