Sunday, June 15, 2008

my first video

i just wanted to give this video upload a try. wanted to see how that would look. and i've got just the video for it! =P this is one of my babies, Chauncy. if there's one thing chauncy loves to do, it's lick. and she'll lick my husband's head till the cows come home. she always manages to get to it despite her tiny stature. i speculate she loves it so much cuz the spiky hairs growing tickles her. but it's quite a trip to watch her do it. she hardly ever stops of her own accord. i luv it though!

1 comment:

Jac V. said...

you should send this into planet's funniest animals...if they show it you get $150! a pretty easy $150 if you ask me because sometimes they have really LAME videos on there...this one is actually funny, so they would definitely show it!