Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my perrogative bobby brown

so it seems like a lot has happened since last i blogged but i think the truth is simply that i've just had some loooong days lately. just the other day some big optimus-prime truck decided to fall and burst into pieces in the median of 495 (a very big highway around here). we were stuck for an hour and a half and we only went no more than 5 miles. SUCKED. then it went better cuz we went to get cupcakes. but then on our way home, normal traffic was there then suddenly we got a crappy flat tire. SUCKED MORE. our jack was kinda crappy so we had to wait for roadside assistance to help us out. 8 hours later, we finally made it back home. we got NO work done that day.
anyways, since this is a blog about what is on my art table, i've decided to post these pictures. i was working on some Hack/Slash sketchcards and my baby girl Chauncy decided she wasn't havin it anymore so she jumped on me unexpectedly and right onto the table. so instead of working, that's what i was dealin with. =P i finished those cards eventually but i'm probably not allowed to post them yet until they're released.
i'm not sick anymore though! that's always a PLUS. i'm able to get things finished and get back on the ball again. i'm ready to open up commissions again on ebay and deviant so that's always good times. i've been doing a lot of admin work pertaining to our other business - caricatures (i don't draw them, theFranchize does).

this is the roughs for a pin-up i'm working on for these folks' comic book. i'll write more about it when it's all finished. (look i drew another dude! watch out, world!)

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