Saturday, September 25, 2010

these dreams heart

i've spent the better part of my yesterday working on the Big Heads Little Bodies website. it's our caricature company created by my hubby theFranchize and our fellow studiomate Flash. they do caricatures at parties and events up and down the DC/MD/VA area. (i'm just the humble admin that gets to do all the office stuff. i guess no matter what i do, office stuff is just something i'm good at and can't get away from. so is life.) now, believe me when i say i'm NO web designer. i've touched Dreamweaver before but only for one of my multimedia classes when i used to go to American University. i have no head for designing a website let alone any jargon that goes along with it. so with the help of Yahoo website templates, i just chose one and went with it! do i think it could be laid out better? certainly! but it's functional and has the right info on there so i'm happy! so if u or someone u know are having a party of corporate event in the area and are in need of an entertainer, visit the website!
(also, apparently it asks u to download some ActiveX thing to view the samples properly. i already have it on my computer so i didn't know it would ask others. it came with the template and isn't anything i can change. it's simply so u can view the pictures in a slideshow. so if it asks u to download it, it's not harmful at all and chances are it's used on other websites as well. otherwise it will just open up each picture larger on the same window and you'd have to click BACK to get back to the page.)

other than that, i've managed to make a little progress with the pin-up i'm working on. but when i showed my rough pencils (the pink sketch i posted last time) to the folks that asked for it, they said they had some notes for me next week. so i guess i'll be puttin it on hold for the meantime till they get back to me. you may notice that the crate under her right foot is different. after i finished the pencils and scanned it in, only then did i notice that the crate i initially drew was all out of perspective. perspective is the bane of my existence! i need to work on that after i get the hang of drawing dudes. so i had to draw another crate and slap that in there digitally. i think it looks good now though. but heck, how would i know?! i suck at perspectives! don't judge me too harshly, please. =(

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