Thursday, August 4, 2011

aesopian [adjective]

(ee-SOH-pee-uhn) - conveying meaning by hint, euphemism, innuendo, or the like

well, it seems the word of the day is something i tend to do with some of my drawings. namely the cover to my mini artbook. =)
above is a sample of the interior pages of my Mini Hot Cakes book, which i still have a few available for $10.
now that i have finally recovered from a week of San Diego Comic Con (so much fun) and the Steel City Con in Pittsburgh only a couple days after we got back home, i'm trying to get back to business. i still have a few of these 2011 Mini Hot Cakes books. i'll be selling them at the upcoming Baltimore Comic Con on Aug. 20th-21st for $10 each. however, as a promo, if u order one from me online, u can also get a FREE signed 13x20 color print of ur choice from any of these 3 below
choose ur print!

so for just $10 (plus $5 for shipping anywhere in the US/Canada), u get 28 color pages of pin-ups, sketchcards, and commission sketches, a free headsketch of any character on the back, and a free 13x20 signed print of ur choice! can't beat that!
i take Paypal payments so shoot me an email to PIANJAG@YAHOO.COM if u'd like to order one! or send me a note on my deviantart page -

and just for show, this was my July Supergirl:Last Daughter of Krypton Radio Show episode #51 cover for SDCC really caught me by surprise when it was finally upon me and i just had no time to draw something cool for the month. so i had to do an all-encompassing Supergirl drawing in record time, for me. the hubby and i had the pleasure of meeting one of the main folks at, Jeffrey Bridges, and his lovely family at SDCC. they're quite swell people!

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