Saturday, August 13, 2011

holus-bolus [adverb]

(HOH-lus-BOH-luhs) - all at once; altogether

really?? that's a word?!? is that where hocus pocus came from??? oh u silly english language and ur colorful words.

at any rate, i wanted to share what's currently on my art table today. i'm working on character designs for this one project and this is a sneak peak at a first draft of the design. i'm working on 2 others today. i just really liked how his face came out cuz i hardly draw dudes.

this is a commission for my BFFF Jacy. she asked me to draw her and her hubby as these 2 Farscape characters for his birthday. i was asked to make sure i incorporated their tattoos in the picture. since they were both on their right arms, it was a bit tough to come up with a composition that didn't involve her leaning against him with her back while they both faced sideways (like a prom picture).

and since this was for my homie, naturally i was freaked out! i get so nervous drawing for friends. =P

i drew each of them separately then i put them together in photoshop. i think he looks more like him than she does of her. mostly cuz all the pics i had of her, she's always cheesin cuz she's so happy all the time. =P still, u'd think after knowing her for over 20 years, i'd be able to draw her easily. but nope. KAKAKA

anyways, she liked it, her husband liked it, and that's all that matters. ^__^ POINT - ME!

also, don’t forget about my new mini artbook “2011 Mini Hot Cakes", available for sale now. u get a free 13x20” print! check out my previous entry, August 4 - Aesopian, or go to my journal on my DA page,, for more info!!


Unknown said...

I love the commission you did for Jacy and Joel!!! I'm a friend of theirs and look forward to getting you to do a little something for me in the future! If you'd like to, check out/follow my blog:

Jac V. said...

Yeah!! I think it is awesome. I can't stop singing your praises! And yay for more biznass!!

Peng-Peng said...

thanx tracy! i appreciate the kind words. i'll definitely check out ur blog. =) whenever you're ready, i'd love to draw something for u!

and thanx jac! i'm just trying to be OSM like u. ;P