Friday, August 19, 2011

runic [adjective]

(ROO-nik) – having some secret or mysterious meaning


ID Comics Studios and I will be in the Artist Alley this weekend – Tables A113/A114 in the back near Stan Lee. please come by and say HI!! I’ll be there along with these guys - :iconthefranchize: :iconsauceboy: :icondrummerboydomo: 

since the sketchcard set for Painkiller Jane from 5Finity Productions have just been released, here are the full set of cards that I drew. =)



hope to see lots of folks this weekend! I’m excited to see some fellow artists that I only see about once a year during this time. in the meantime, I’ll be spending the entire flippin day packin up gear. can’t wait till we get some banners so we don’t have to pack up SO much. sigh. one day, hopefully…

also, don’t forget about my new mini artbook “2011 Mini Hot Cakes", available for sale now. u get a free 13x20” print! check out my previous entry, August 4 - Aesopian, or go to my journal on my DA page,, for more info!!


Jac V. said...

OOOhh!! Sexay!! What if someone got the "butt" half of the 2-part sketchcard? LOL

I really want to go to the Bmore con to see you guys, but I am broke until next payday. :( If we went it would probably be Saturday, but not looking good.

I hope you have a great con! I know you will. Make lots of money! Are there any cons in the DC area?

Peng-Peng said...

kakaka if they got that half of the puzzle card, then they have the better half. =P

i really hope u guys can make it. it'd be great to see u guys and it can be liam's first comic con! =)

i think the only DC-ish con is Katsucon. KAKAKA seriously, i think they've moved it to the Gaylord at the National Harbor. u guys can go there!

Jac V. said...

Yeah, sorry, we can't go to Bmore. Joel is sore from Ju jitsu and we are just broke. But Sweet! Well we will definitely go to the Gaylord one!!! Do you guys get an artist's table there? You think I should make Liam a costume... bwahaha... he would kill me when he's older.