Saturday, August 6, 2011

moxie [noun]

(MOK-see) – vigor; verve; pep

SDCC2011 00058_crop

just figured I’d share some moments from SDCC, starting with the 2 greatest moments of the entire trip (for me, of course). after reading her tweet, I made sure on Saturday that I saw Olivia De Berardinis and pick up her new book, Malibu Cheesecake. but I nearly passed out from nervousness when I saw her there in person. I mean, how do u say hi to a woman so amazing? she draws gorgeous women for Playboy, for pete’s sake!! I think I managed to meagerly say “I love ur artwork” and “could u please sign my drawing board.” the rest of the time I just gasped and smiled. she musta felt really sorry for my nerdliness cuz she volunteered to take a picture with me before I could utter the words. I’m such a corndog! (Batman Returns reference)

SDCC2011 00059_crop

then shortly after I gathered my wherewithal, I went to find another great artist, Stanley Lau (or Artgerm). again, somewhat struck with awesomeness just being able to speak to the man but I was far more collected this time around. I picked up a Pepper print and a Supergirl print from him (cuz he ran out of my favorite Wonder Woman illustration). he was the only other person I asked to sign my board the entire trip. I couldn’t be more pleased!

below are just other random shots of the weekend. it was so much fun but SOOOOO many people were there. I mean there were so many people EVERYWHERE. no matter where u went or what time of the day it was, there were so many folks. best panel though, SPARTACUS!!! got to see Manu Bennett in the flesh and breathed the same air he did. I wonder if my “I love u, Crixus!” scream at the end of the panel made it to the online version…

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Jac V. said...

Yay! That's so awesome you got to meet her and get your pic taken with her! Not too many people can say they've gotten to meet their idol! (I think most of mine are dead haha) You'll soon be the next PB cheesecake illustrator! woohoo!

Peng-Peng said...

i know! its all thanx to u for introducing me to her talents. =)
if i ever get to work for PB, the world may as well implode cuz that would be so unreal.