Sunday, August 7, 2011

nervure [noun]

(NUR-vyoor) – a vein, as of a leaf or the wing of an insect

peng 00012   aspen_cleaned

Photo   Catwoman_cleaned

peng 00018    catwoman_facecleanup

meant to post these sooner but I finished these commissions right before I left for SDCC. so naturally, I forgot all about it. =P this is for a repeat client that asked me to draw the Poison Ivy commission that I now have a print of. except when he commissioned me, it was just for pencils. but I liked it so much that I colored it up afterwards.

so he asked for a Catwoman and Aspen Matthews from the late (sniffle) Michael Turner’s Fathom comics. and once again, I really have fallen in love with the Aspen I drew so I think I may just color that one too! it sucks that I can never draw cool stuff for myself for fun. it’s usually a commission.


also, don’t forget about my new mini artbook “2011 Mini Hot Cakes", available for sale now. u get a free 13x20” print! check out my previous entry, August 4 – Aesopian, or go to my journal on my DA page,, for more info!!


Jac V. said...

Nice! Are those phone pics - the 2nd ones - with a canvas-y/sketchbook filter? They look pretty cool!

Have you seen the Anne Hathaway Catwoman? Doesn't look catty at all.

Peng-Peng said...

no they're not phone camera pics. they were actually pretty crappy shots from my camera but i fuddled with the levels and hue/saturation settings and that's what came out. =P i know, i'm so learn-ed in the ways of photoshop. KAKAKA
and i'm trying really hard to reserve judgement on Anne Hathaway's Catwoman. cuz as of right now, i'm like LAME! but i remember thinking that when i saw the first shots of Christian Bale as Batman and i was proven very wrong. so i gots my fingers crossed.