Sunday, August 15, 2010

the end has only begun lifehouse

so today's been quite the disappointing day for my art. in an attempt to draw my very first Pendant Audio's Supergirl cover #41, i decided i wanna try doing the piece completely digital. i've always drawn on paper first, then scanned and colored digitally that way. but as i quickly found out as i started sketching is that i'm not ready yet. my skills have very very far to go. or it could be that the pose i was trying to do just wasn't right. whatever it was, it didn't work in my favor. and even though i've gotten as far as laying the flat colors and even a few shadows (not shown), i've decided it's probably for the best to scrap this idea. so an entire sunday has passed and all i've got to show for it are these work in progress images that aren't even going to get use. *sigh* maybe i just need to play video games for the rest of the night and start fresh tomorrow. or draw something else and hopefully that looks ok. we'll see what happens.

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