Thursday, August 26, 2010

baltimore comic con 2010

[colors by utada hikaru]

so i've just finished a very large illustration that probably wasn't supposed to be as large as it turned out. but sometimes i get a weeeeee bit carried away with something when i'm really likin the idea. took many days to finish but i got it done by the buzzer. =P unfortunately however, i can't post anything more about it as it was a commission someone got for a person's birthday present. and the person they're gettin it for watches my deviantart account so who knows if they venture into my blog or not. but i'll be giving it to them this weekend at the convention so once i get back, i'll have stuff to post! today however, not so much. =( i've also been working on a couple of commissions for this other person but once again, i will be giving it to them this weekend at the con so i can't post those! so though it seems like i'm not doing anything cuz there's no pics of my art table lately, i really am. please believe me! ^__^
Baltimore Comic Con is this weekend - August 28th and 29th. i hope to see some folks there as well as fellow artists that i haven't seen in a year! it's always a fun con so i'm excited to be back. my only gripe (and it's a huge one) is that we are, once again, stuck in a very crappy spot all the way in the back [tables A111 & A112]. now i'm a fairly understanding person and though i do understand that logistically speaking, someone's gotta be in the back. BUT whether we get our moneys in early or very close to the date, we keep getting put back there! not to mention we're there every frackin year for i dunno, something like 5-6 years. where's the justice!?!? who do i have to kill to get a decent spot!? makes me a little peeved but i'm trying to stay positive. i just wish conventions weren't like high school and that it's all about who u know. is that what life is in general?? is it just all about who u know cuz if it is, i'm fairly screwed cuz i'm not naturally a very social person. *sigh* i guess the best thing i can do is just shut up and make lemonade. so is life...

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