Monday, August 16, 2010

nite and day al b. sure!
so before i went to bed last night after my very disappointing art day with my debbie-downer attitude, i was watching some Soulphrodisiac on the VH1 Soul channel and nite and day by al b. sure! came on. i dunno what happened but all of a sudden i decided i didn't wanna give up on the supergirl cover and i took another crack at it - this time with my usual tools of pencils and paper. and i was able to draw the cover that i wanted to do! WOOHOO!!! i usually get my inspiration from music (which is why i need to have music playing as i work on art-stuffs) but i have no idea why this particular song made me try again. maybe the nostalgia gave me the 1-Up that i needed to do-over the day. who knows!
since i have it drawn, i'm not sure if i can post it on here before the does. i'll have to check on that. SO i'm posting up these two cards that i did for a March of Dimes art auction. it was of any characters we wanted so i chose Powergirl (naturally) and Supergirl. cuz why not! they just come to me so easily, especially powergirl now that i draw her at practically every convention we go to (except otakon, though that's not really surprising. a few people didn't know who she was even though they liked the print i had.) anyways, these were colored with copic markers. i'm still getting the hang of those things but i'm glad i looked up a couple tutorials on YouTube cuz now i know what to use the Colorless Blender marker for! (which, btw, is what should be properly labeled as "magic eraser marker".) hope these ladies raise a good amount for a good cause. =)

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