Tuesday, March 12, 2013


[listening to "personal jesus" by depeche mode]


well, this isn't the busiest i've ever been, by any means. but trying to keep things updated online and drawing and inking, it just seems hectic. i guess it's a good thing i multi-task fairly well.

it's another cold and rainy day today and all i wanna do is snuggle up on the couch with my dogs and nap. however, it's a short week for us since we're heading out to do a pet expo this weekend so i gotta get as much work in before then.

i have finally updated and redesigned the Identity Comics Studios website - identitycomics.com - to bring it current. a ton of stuff has happened since it was last updated in May of 2012, both in our individual lives as well as the direction the studio is headed. we have decided to bring back our art jellies. it was the jellies that brought about my Mary Jane in a venom shirt print. it's mostly to keep the members of the studio drawing for fun. we each have our own projects going on now and sometimes it can get a little frustrating drawing something we don't exactly want to draw. (not to say that we don't appreciate our projects, mind u.) in time we'll be asking folks to participate, but we can't expect others to do it if we can't do it ourselves. so we gotta show we're committed.
at any rate, it's a weekly "assignment" and we each get a week to choose the theme and then post on the ID website, as well as our own. i took the first week and i chose "a person interacting with an animal." i keep looking for excuses to draw octopi so this one is called Octo-Pie. i guess that's her name. i think she's some kind of octopus nymph (if they make those). [to see the other members' jellies, just head on over to http://identitycomics.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/jellies-are-back/] we're supposed to color these by friday. so stay tuned!!!


Jac V. said...

I love octopi!!! You know... remember how I wanted you to design my muse tattoo?? Now I'm like rethinking like a muse slash octopus tatoo... does that make sense? I just love the tentacles... LOL that sounds wrong and just reminds me of somethign hentai-ish, but to me tentacles are actually very beautiful and graceful when they move around in the water... SO make me something based off that!! LOL

Peng-Peng said...

yeah for some reason i've just been really taken by these octopi tentacles. certainly the hentai stuff pops up in there (thanx anime), but it's just interesting to look at. its so crazy cuz i was JUST thinkin about getting a tat w/ tentacles. unfortunately i don't think i'm cool enough to pull it off. but ur WAY cooler than me! =)