Wednesday, March 20, 2013


[listening to "speak up" by pop etc]

Doodles 1

Doodles 2
as i take a mental break from all the balls i'm currently juggling in the air, i just thought i'd share some doodles i did at the pet expo this past weekend. while the guys were extremely busy drawing over a hundred doggy caricatures during the event, i was trying to teach myself how to draw faces better. faces with more expression and variety. my studiomate Flash let me borrow this friggin amazing book called Creating Character with Personality written by Tom Bancroft. it was just the right amount of words and exactly the kind of stuff i really wanted to learn. once i read it, it was almost like a light clicked and i understood stuff. i know to most people, these doodles seem really dull and lame. but u don't understand, this is the kind of stuff i've been struggling with thanks to my non-formal learning of how to draw. i don't wanna say that my college education was a waste of time and money, but sometimes it feels just short of that. not saying that all college education is useless, just mine. =) anyways, just wanted to share it. cuz if i don't share it with anyone, its as if it never happened.

some notes on the doodles:
  • in Doodle 1 - that squidy creature is the sketch for this week's ID Studios art jelly. we're supposed to create a creature and i dunno why but i seem to be focused on underwater creatures lately (as evident by my octo-pie). pretty much everyone in those doodles, with the exception of the mermaid and marilyn monroe, were people (or dogs) at the pet expo.
  • in Doodle 2 - the robot-chick in the corner was the first sketch of this piece i recently did for a Girls Drawin Girls event this weekend. i'll post more of that tomorrow. and that ton-ton with luke skywalker actually started out as a really bad german shepherd doodle. guess u can say it was an epic fail as a german shepherd, but a fun alpaca/ton-ton doodle.


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