Thursday, March 14, 2013


[listening to "mrs. sexy" by robin thicke]

this started out as just a little doodle in my sketchbook of Ariel when she was using the flower to determine if Eric loved her or not. but then the Girls Drawin Girls blog decided to make this week's theme about mermaids so i waned to try something new with the colors. since i'm not allowed to post licensed characters on that blog, i turned her into a koi mermaid instead. cuz why the heck not!

of course, when i try new things it takes me HOURS to finish something simple like this. but it's just what i gotta do. i'm never gonna get any better. so with this one, i started with the doodle out of my sketchbook and built up from that with these new brushes i got (the ones i used to color my recent Harley Quinn piece). but this is the first time i've ever completely removed my original lines and the entire thing is digitally painted. i'm trying to move in this direction but so far i'm still not comfortable with the way the wacom pen glides on the cintiq surface. practice makes perfect i guess.

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