Tuesday, March 5, 2013


[listening to "can't hold us" by macklemore & ryan lewis]



seattle and emerald city comic con was pretty fantastical, but i sure am glad to be home. cuz there's no place like it. not to mention seattle is so gray. i don't know how folks that live there wake up every morning without being instantly blown about the day. it's just like what they tell u on tv. i think the sun came out on the last day we were there.
i don't think i've ever drawn as much in my 32 years of life than what i did this past weekend. it was pretty incredible to be associated with the fantastic artists at KaBOOM! sat with the likes of Noelle Stevenson, JAB, and Kassandra Heller to name a few. amazing ladies with amazing talents! i dare to breath their same air. still, i had tons and tons of fun despite the fact that i didn't get to see ANY part of the con cuz of how busy i was. so here are just some of the 60+ sketches i did this weekend. these were all done on the "Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake" #1 2013 Con Exclusive sketch covers.

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