Friday, March 15, 2013


[listening to "thuggish ruggish bone" by bone thugs n harmony]

headin out to the Super Pet Expo in Chantilly, VA today. theFranchize & Flash are gonna be drawin puppy caricatures for folks and i get to handle the moneys. =) but before i head out, i wanted to post my finished art jelly for the week! WOOP WOOP! the other guys didn't get to finish theirs this week, but with the pet expo starting today i suppose i'll give them a little leeway.

this only took me an hour and a half to color, which is really fast considering i'm still trying to get used to these new brushes. i did lose a little sleep (hence me feeling unrested) but it was totally worth it. there's something sweet about creating a piece that came out like u pictured it in ur head. it's not sweeter than when it turns out better than what u thought, but i'll take it!

i don't really have any progression shots of this since i kinda just worked the shadows and highlights on the same layers, unlike what i usually do where i put those on separate layers from the flats. the grainy stuff was actually a very happy accident. i took a photo of the lines cuz it was tough to scan inside the sketchbook. my inability to get rid of the shadows completely caused the grainy splotches on the lineart. but it worked out cuz i turned the lines to Color Burn and it kinda just added to it. love it when stuff like that happens! i may turn this into a mini print for this con season.

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