Monday, March 25, 2013


[listening to "on top of the world" by imagine dragons]

"Squidly" finished

"Squidly" sketch

though i am starting to really get tired of Coldplay-wanna-bes (though many have said Coldplay are U2-wanna-bes), it's tough to not wanna listen to a band called Imagine Dragons. luckily, they're not that bad.

i'm thoroughly confused today because despite it being 5 days into spring, it's totally snowing here in Maryland. what the?! after an extremely mild winter with very little snowfall for our area, suddenly it's been snowing since last night and it doesn't look like its gonna stop anytime soon. thankfully, i love snow! so it's quite the welcome treat. and because i work from home, it's doubly great! but still, its pretty unbelievable.

today's images are from last week's ID Studios' art jelly. the assignment was to create a creature. so mine was a squid-like creature with gross huge teeth. =/ drew a lot of inspiration for the amazing talents of CreatureBox. (if u don't know em, u've gotta check em out! they're amazing!!!) this time, i decided to color it traditionally with my copic markers. its been a while since i did something with them (besides the sketchcards of course).
for this week's art jelly assignment, we're supposed to draw our respective covers for our 2013 artbooks. i'm totally excited and very intimidated. i hope it looks as good on paper as it does in my head. wish me luck ya'll!

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