Friday, July 23, 2010

comin' home baby michael buble

just a quick post that i thought i'd like to share. i'm goin thru my deviantArt messages and someone posted a journal about putting ur iPod-type device on shuffle then listing the first 5 songs that pop up. i saw someone do this on facebook as well and i was gonna join in but completely forgot. SO i did it this time and here are the results! [with a quick blurb in case u didn't know the singer]
  • irreplaceable by beyonce (b'day) [i think its safe to say u know who beyonce is]
  • southside by common ft. kanye west (finding forever) [he's tall, dark, and sexy all over]
  • miscommunication by timbaland ft. keri hilson (presents: shock value) [timbaland's that guy that makes all those beats for justin timberlake]
  • sensual seduction by snoop dogg [well, u know snoop]
  • making love (into the night) by usher (raymond vs raymond) [he taught justin bieber everything he knows]
i think it's interesting that the first 5 are all hip-hop songs. i swear i have other stuffs in my iPod! =P case in point, the 6th song is by lifehouse. and by the time i started posting this on my blog, a michael buble song came on. i remember at my old job this guy tried to judge me cuz i was listening to Jay-Z and Nas. completely caught me off-guard cuz i didn't even know people my age still did that but i guess i was mistaken. then a different day he heard me listening to Josh Groban and he was confused like i just sprouted 2 heads! ain't nothin wrong with liking different genres of music, folks!

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