Wednesday, July 28, 2010

un-thinkable alicia keys
still knockin out some commissions from the super sale! we still haven't gotten Chii back yet so theFranchize and i are still sharing Jarvis and it's tough! we're both so darned needy. certainly not how we planned on doing work, believe me. so this week we've been taking turns using the computer and its getting ugly cuz we need it so much. still, we're gettin stuff done slowly but surely.

the picture is of two commissions i'm doing for someone with 2 characters each. obviously it's not done since colors and some special effects need to be added. plus the one with the guy & girl are not finished in this shot. just thought i'd get a progression shot. =)

otakon is this friday and i am so flippin excited! my only really guilty pleasure comes but once a year and i love every moment of it. hopefully i'll have some pics to post but usually when i get there i just get overwhelmed with all the goodies to buy (and scattered gratuitous butt-displays) that i forget i have a camera. =P i would be practically jumping up and down in my seat except that i'm hurting all over. theFranchize and i started this Jillian Michaels thing to get us on the right track to eating right and losing some lbs. the exercises she has for us to do are no joke!
so i hope for all the pain we're going through this actually works. and Jillian Michaels better hope i don't bump into her on the streets cuz i will punch her in the face for makin us work this hard! =P (just kidding, Jillian. u scare me.)


Jac V. said...

yeah! butt-shots!!! don't forget those... haha

I'm proud of you and Jerry for starting the Jillain Michaels (of all things to start with!) plan! I hope it works out for you and you see results fast! You may just be MY inspiration to get back into some sort of workout routine, too! :) So far, it's just been pick baby up, put baby down, 10 reps, 5 sets a day... haha or something like that. It actually gets pretty hard with a 25 lb. baby! haha

Jac V. said...

P.S. Cute commissions... I like the look of pencil work!