Thursday, July 8, 2010

reflections are protection la roux

i've been workin on putting my DevArt portfolio together but i just get so involved with it that i doubt i'll be done with it by the end of the night. i started it yesterday but i think i started gettin carpal tunnel syndrome or something from the wonky way i'm sittin in this hotel room to use the computer. so i had to stop.
so in lieu of a completed portfolio, i'm posting up the cards i did for the P'Ups series (puppies and pin-up girls). it's been released so here they go. please excuse the not-so-good ones. there's bound to be duds in every set i do cuz i just have such a hard time drawing so small. and i did these before i got my copics so i had to use colored pencils to color. i had a lot of fun drawing the dogs more than the ladies! i was surprised i was able to draw doggies so little. the one by itself is my favorite cuz it's actually of my cocker spaniel, Chauncy, with a sexy-fied ME! that one i'm keepin for myself. teehee
i believe the Pulp Girls series is comin out the middle of this month so i'll be posting all of those at that time as well.

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