Saturday, July 10, 2010

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my DA portfolio -

as i wait for a pizza to get delivered, i figured i'll post up the link to my finally-finished DA portfolio. i would've posted it yesterday but i took a day off cuz i've been pretty much doin stuff 7 days straight. even when u work from home (or in the case of this week - work from a hotel room) u should still give urself a day or two off each week. wouldn't wanna burn out, ya know. at any rate, i'll be giving out this portfolio to prospective clients and such.
as for today, i spent a good couple of hours at this barnes & nobles nearby to get some coffee and reference magazines while i draw. i like being in that setting, which is odd for me since i'm not really good with crowds and such. but for some reason i feel productive when i go there. plus i get to look thru references without the pitfall of buying it first and then realizing its useless. (and so what if i happen to buy the latest issue of GQ simply cuz taylor lautner was in it?! or the latest issue of Vanity Fair cuz my girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, is on the cover of that?? i'm allowed a couple of frivolous things. =P) i did mostly sketches - nothing completed all the way. i wasn't very inspired by my surroundings or the books. but i did manage to come up with something for a possible Harley Quinn to continue on my Mucha-themed comic ladies. if i like it enough, u know i'll post it. ;)
neat thing happened as i left the building. i get to my car and an older woman stops me to tell me she thought my drawings were great. (*gasp* which did she see cuz i had some real duds in there?!?) since my ears were plugged to my ipod and my eyes averted all contact to try to keep to myself, i honestly had no idea anyone was looking at my stuff. i felt slightly embarrassed but i gotta tell ya, i never get tired of hearing that folks like my stuff. she said she hoped it's what i actually do cuz i was good at it. i told her it was and it felt real good to say it. so i did leave the security of a dayjob for something. =)

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