Friday, July 23, 2010

how it feels to fly

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…by alicia keys

i’m trying out this Windows Live Writer thing on our new computer to use for blogging so i apologize if there are inconsistencies with the look of this entry. we’ll see if it works! ;) peng 003 peng 014 this week has been rather rough for work. our main computer (Chii is her name) came down with a couple of nasty viruses and the new one (we’ve named him Jarvis) didn’t have photoshop installed on it yet. so we were going to take them to get programs installed and get rid of the viruses but then my car refused to start while we stopped at the Best Buy. no buenos. apparently she needed a new battery which i suppose was far better news than it could’ve been. almost $200 later, we’re back on the road and we now have Jarvis back up and runnin with the programs we need! Chii was not so lucky and i think she’s gonna have to get wiped clean and start fresh. very sad but it’s for the best. good thing we’ve started to use an external hard drive to save stuff or this would’ve been far more devastating. SO! after trying to get familiar with the new CS5 i’ve decided to start flatting this piece inspired by Katy Perry’s California Girls song. it’s for this art jelly we started with the subject matter of “dogs.” please don’t stare at the wheels too much cuz i know its not right. =( i’m doin my best i swear! i do love this new wacom tho! aside from it being huge, there is actually some resistance on the surface and i think i can finally draw directly on photoshop! if i ever get comfortable enough to do it, watch out!

peng 009i’m very thankful to those that have taken me up on my commission super sale so far. i still have a whole week open for it so if ur still interested, it’s not too late to get full-color commissions for $30! i’ve started on a couple of them and this is the finished pencils for one. the others aren’t far enough along to show much. hope it turns out as good as it does in my head. =P

aside from my series of unfortunate events, i’m still plugging along this week. and since next weekend is otakon already, looks like i’ll be drawin till then to finish things. i should be chock-full of stuff to post! woohoo!!

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Jac V. said...

i like how your doggy jelly is looking so far... who is the character on your pencil case?

When we move up there you're going to have to teach me your coloring techniques. Not that I'll need those skills for my current job, but who knows... in the future... ???

oh yeah, and thanks again for the Spock shirt! :)