Friday, July 30, 2010


so as it turns out with the help of a VERY good friend (and ninja), theFranchize and i managed to get a table in Artist Alley at Otakon this year! flippin sweet! it's kinda tough to get one since they sell out of these tables within minutes of announcing that it's open. @_@ but alls well and now we'll be set up.
seeing as how we just found out about this around 10:30pm on thursday and set-up opens friday at 9am, we've spent the entire rest of the evening packing up our con equipment (after the nearly 2 hours drive from baltimore to home). it's now 4:30a and i haven't gotten a wink of sleep. so i decided to write this before i try to sleep for about an hour before we have to leave (not to mention having to pack up the dogs and dropping them off at "grandma's" on the way). ugh.
BUT we got a table so this will be our first anime convention that we're set up. so we'll see how it goes! wish us luck! (or if ur goin, look for us!)

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