Sunday, July 18, 2010

"somewhere i belong" [and also - commission super sale!] linkin park
since the Pulp Girls sketchcard set has been released, i assume it's ok for me to post all the cards at this time. so here they all are in all their glory. =P i feel kinda bad about the one chick in the pool of blood because i usually color over whatever logos are on the cards but u can usually see through them. however, on the scan, u can't see it at all so it just looks like a random card. it's there tho, i swear. kekeke

also, i'm having a $30 COMMISSION SUPER SALE! only till August 1st!
since i've dedicated myself to being a full-time artist, i wanted to jump start this career shift with a super sale to keep me very busy. so i'm doing a limited time super sale for a color commission for only $30! (my usual rate is $110 so this is what some may call "crack prices.") fully colored - single character - no backgrounds - digitally delivered high-res files. so if u or someone u know are interested, email me at i've also posted a journal about this on my dev page if u want to read more info or see samples and stuff.
so why the crack prices, u ask? like i said i really want to keep busy with drawing. i'm trying to find out what my limits are. i've never been "overwhelmed" with commissions per se so i want to know how much i can do and how fast i can finish them if needed. (not to say that i will be rushing these by any means.) i also have a hard time deciding what to draw so this helps to eliminate that problem. after this month i'll probably open it up to ask folks what they'd like to see me draw so that i can do stuff folks like and at the same time i won't have to figure out subject matter again. =D help me to help you, i say.
OH! and before i forget, i am signed up to draw Bettie Page sketch cards!!! how flippin sweet is that! and the hubby has finally gotten in to do Star Wars cards for Topps! he's so excited he can barely stand it. he only loves 3 things in this world (besides me, he claims) - his mama, superman, and star wars. good news all around!


Jac V. said...

lol Good to know that his mama ranks up there with superman and star wars!! haha

That's awesome that you have the bette page cards!! I hope those cheesecake books I got you that one year have given you some inspiration... do you still even have those? haha :)

Shonna said...

congrats to both of you on the gigs! I want to get you to do a commission for me! I'll send you an email... :)